Yum, tasty mutations...

mutation t@sting

A new version of MutationTaster is available. Click here or follow the link upper right. We recommend to use the new version, since it is based on a newer Ensembl version (v69), has integrated more tests and a new classifier.

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ACTGTC[A/T] GTGTF A substituted by T
ACTGTC[AG/T] GTGTF AG substituted by T
ACTGTC[-/AA] GTGTF AA inserted
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If you use MutationTaster, please cite our publication: Schwarz JM, Rödelsperger C, Schuelke M, Seelow D. MutationTaster evaluates disease-causing potential of sequence alterations. Nat Methods. 2010 Aug;7(8):575-6.
Current build: NCBI 37 / Ensembl 59